You're having a baby! Congratulations! There is nothing more exciting then preparing to bring a baby into your life, and I am so glad that you have chosen me to be part of that journey.  Having your newborns photos taken for the first time can be very exciting and overwhelming. So I wanted to give you a few tips and tricks that can help to make your session go more smoothly and leave you with images that you will cherish forever.

Before you come:

In the hours leading up to your session it is a great idea to try to keep babe awake. Now, that is no easy take since babies tend to sleep when ever they want, so don't stress over this. Just try to keep babe a little stimulated so that he or she might be a bit more sleepy when they arrive at the studio. Try to give babe a really good feeding shortly before leaving the house. If babe is breastfeed try to encourage a really good feeding without them dozing off. Most newborn sessions last about 3-4 hours so babe will most likely have to eat again during that time, but a nice full belly can help things go more smoothly. 

What should you bring:

- The baby (haha the most important part of course)

- A soother (Please bring one, even if you are not giving one to babe just yet. They can come in really handy at times)

- Something to eat and drink for yourself (again the session will take about 3 hours so its good to plan ahead)

- Dress light the studio is VERY warm


I will provide all of the props for the session.This includes all hats, headbands and outfits that will be used during the session. Please have a look through my newborn gallery so you can get an idea of my style and the types of props that I use. If you have an item of special meaning that you would like to include in your newborn session please let me know ahead of time and we can talk about how we can include it during the session.

Now the hard part. RELAX! Yes that's right, relax. This is a special time in your life and one that you should enjoy. Your newborn session is a time for you to sit back and watch your little one create memories that you will have forever.